BSI, the business standards company, has launched a new smart cities specification for safeguarding data and information security in cities. PAS 185 Smart Cities – Specification for Establishing and Implementing a Security-Minded Approach lists the requirements for creating a framework designed to address the security-minded management of a city.

The PAS was commissioned by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), the Government authority for protective security advice to the UK’s national infrastructure. PAS 185 outlines the potential security threats to a smart city that could affect those people who live and work there, as well as outlining appropriate responses to those threats.

The key goal of a smart city is to join up sectors – such as the utilities, transport or healthcare – across organisational boundaries into a ‘whole city’ approach for the day-to-day running of services. The smart cities ethos is that the greater availability of data and information can improve existing assets, which include refuge facilities, transport infrastructure and housing.

Data and information can then be used in conjunction with the integration of services and systems to improve service provision for both current and future citizens. In addition, information acquired from outcome-based contracting can be used to improve the efficiency of newly-built assets through a better understanding of the whole-life performance of existing assets.

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