The BRE’s National Security Survey has revealed that personal security is becoming an increasing worry across the UK, with two out of every three respondents questioned now more concerned about crime today than they were five years ago. The Top Three issues raised as causing the greatest concern are cyber crime, terrorism and property crime.

Developed by the creators of SABRE (the BRE’s security assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets), the National Security Survey was initiated to help understand how people’s perceptions influence their everyday decision-making in relation to their home life, working life and travel arrangements.

Gavin Jones, director of SABRE, commented: “Although we’re continuing to identify effective ways in which to protect our built environment from crime and terrorism, these efforts are not necessarily reflected in the general public’s perceptions of their own personal security. Despite the fact that the likelihood of an individual being directly affected by a terrorist incident is extremely remote, recent events are having a disproportionate impact on people’s lives. They appear to be influencing where people are willing to travel, where they stay and whether or not they attend a major event or concert. Members of the public clearly need reassurances that the places in which they live, work and visit are safe and secure. It’s in the interests of businesses to find innovative solutions to this problem.”


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